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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy


Co-Ordinator of Media Studies
Mrs H Malik-Brown



Media Studies is an exciting subject that enables students to recognise and analyse the ways in which the Media industry works. 

As part of both the GCSE and A-Level courses, students have to produce their own media texts and have the opportunity to develop their IT skills. Students use Photoshop, iMovie, iPhoto, Appleworks and Word. Typical projects include producing magazine covers, movie trailers, web pages and short films.


Students will study two units during Year 10. The first is the study of magazines, their purpose and their target audience. Students will analyse a variety of magazines before producing their own, using a digital camera for their chosen image. The second unit is on reality television.

In Year 11, students will work in groups analysing film trailers, before venturing out with video cameras and filming their own trailer. The footage will then need to be edited so that it follows the conventions of a real movie trailer. Students also submit a folder of written work including a storyboard of their trailer and an evaluation of their project.

Following on from the production, students will revise for the GCSE exam which covers a topic set by the exam board every year. Part of the exam is ‘seen’, so students will receive this usually four weeks before their exam is due to take place. This allows for independent study on the board’s chosen topic. Past topics have included soap operas, newspapers and action/adventure films.


AS Level

Unit 1: Media Representations and Responses (MS1)
This unit focuses on the way in which all media industries construct ‘representation’ within a wide range of media texts, and the range of ways in which audiences respond to these texts.

Unit2: Media Production Processes (MS2)
This unit focuses on the research into one media production, leading to the pre-production, production and evaluation of a completed media text.

A Level

In addition to Units 1 and 2

Unit 3: Media Investigation and Production

This unit focuses on detailed research into one specific aspect of the media, which informs a media production leading to a final evaluation.

Unit 4: Media – Text, Industry and Audience

This unit will focus on three different media industries. Candidates will study three main texts, at least two will be contemporary and one will be British. Candidates will focus on media text, industry and audience to develop their understanding of the debates and relationship between each aspect.