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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy


Head of Department          
Mr S Moss

KS3 & KS4 Co-Ordinator
Mr M Halfyard

Career Paths with Computing, ICT or CiDA

There are a range of careers that can be followed with an ICT/Computing/CiDA qualification.  This can include, graphic design, visual merchandising, animation design, sign-making, product design, website design, logo design, software development, network manager, computer engineer, hardware development, global communications, computer scientist, information specialists, artificial intelligence, game developer, digital media, database administrator, IT consultant, system analyst, IT sales and training. 


Year 7

In Year 7, students  follow a skills based course in which they develop their Desk Top Publishing (Publisher) skills and create an information flyer on e-safety, Database (Access) skills where they use a range of search criteria to filter information on superheroes and produce reports based on these searches, Spreadsheet (Excel) skills where they create a seating area for an event which calculates revenue and profit for the event and use gaming software (Scratch) to design and build an interactive storybook.

Year 8

In Year 8, students  develop new skills using image manipulating software (both bitmap (Paint.Net) and vector (Inkscape) based graphics to produce a number of challenging images and photomontages), they will gain a good understanding of web design (Web Plus x7) to produce their own web site with a number of linked pages and develop their programming further using gaming software (Scratch) and Python.


Students can opt for the CIDA course or GCSE Computing options outlined below:

Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA)
Examination Board: Edexcel

The CiDA course comprises of 2 units and is equivalent to 1 GCSE. Students complete a substantial project and showcase their achievements in an e-portfolio. They also sit a practical ICT examination [25%] based on developing a website for a specific purpose.

Graphics – eportfolio/coursework (75%)

This unit provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to design and produce effective graphic products that communicate successfully onscreen and in print. Students will use bitmap (Paint.Net) tools to manipulate images and create their own photomontages, create their own graphic designs using vector (Inkscape) and 3D imaging (Google Sketchup).  Students will showcase their work through a web page and will have to describe how they made their graphic products and show the stages of design in a Design Log. 

Web Design – examination (25%)

This unit is an exam based task where pupils are given a scenario to develop a web page for a business.  They will need to ensure they use the given information and key images/videos and develop a sophisticated web page with pop ups, hot spots and other advanced features to make it fit for purpose.  Students will have 2.5 hours to plan, implement, test and evaluate their web pages.

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