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The Palmer Catholic Academy

Head Boy Welcome

My name is Nigel Nuer, Head Boy at The Palmer Catholic Academy. The academy has given me invaluable experiences that have helped me to develop. I remember back in Year 7, being anxious, thoughts flooding in my head; will I make friends, I have so many teachers, how will I cope? I soon realised these weren’t a problem because I found a supportive, friendly and vibrant community.

At the academy, the catholic ethos is encouraged through daily prayers and termly masses at Saint Cedd’s church, reminding us of the importance of our school motto: To the glory of God and the service of all.

I have enjoyed my time at the academy and have made many precious memories. One example being an unforgettable ski trip to America that included visiting iconic sites, such as The Empire State Building in New York. 

The Palmer Catholic Academy has given me a lot - knowledge, skills and the confidence to pursue my goals and ambitions.