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The Palmer Catholic Academy

The Palmer Catholic Academy


Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the booklet containing more information about each of the courses we run.


Courses Guide


Applied Science, AQA

Art, Pearson

Biology, OCR

Chemistry, OCR

Computing, OCR

Drama, Edexcel

Economics, AQA

English Literature, WJEC

French, AQA

 Geography, Exexcel

Government and Politics, Edexcel

Health and Social Care, AQA

History, OCR

Mathematics, Edexcel

Further Mathematics, Edexcel

Media Studies, WJEC

Music, AQA

Physics, OCR

Psychology, AQA

Religious Studies: Philosophy & Ethics Sociology, AQA

Sociology, AQA


Physical Education Sport, Edexcel


English (one year resit) Mathematics (one year resit)


Extended Programme Qualification (EPQ)

Please be aware that changes to the list of courses may apply.


National Changes To A-Level Qualifications Advanced Level courses have changed considerably. The main features of the new qualifications are:

  1. Assessment will be mainly by exam, with other types of assessment used only where they are needed to test essential skills.
  2. AS and A levels will be assessed at the end of the course. AS assessment will typically take place after one year’s study and A levels after two. The courses will no longer be divided into modules and there will be no exams in January.
  3. AS and A levels will be decoupled – this means that AS results will no longer count towards an A level in the way they do now.
  4. AS levels have been designed by exam boards to be taught alongside the first year of a levels.
  5. The content for the new A levels has been reviewed and updated. Universities played a greater role in this for the new qualifications than they did previously.

The new A level specifications began to be taught for the first time in September 2015 for the following subjects: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English literature, History, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. From 2016 this list will increase to include Ancient Language (classical Greek and Latin), Dance, Drama and Theatre, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish), Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies. Further subjects will come online in September 2017 to complete the review process.

Full A level grades A-E will be awarded after successful completion of the course in year 13.


Please carefully check the entry requirements of particular subjects and overall entry requirements to types of courses ie AS and GCSE resits. Occasionally, for some subjects, students who have not done the GCSE might be allowed to follow the A/AS level course.